Advantages of hiring a Redi Coolroom Hire Portable Coolroom:

There are a host of advantages that come with hiring portable coolrooms,

  • The temperature in these cool rooms are very manageable and can be maintained within a range of 0°C to 3°C leaving no chance for the staling of food or quality deterioration of beverages.
  • Cool rooms are suitable for many personal and corporate events; they make great use of unused external space.
  • Clean
  • Flexible hire terms available
  • Handy Delivery & Pick up service to your site or special occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions - Redi Coolroom Hire - Portable Cool Rooms Melbourne VIC

What is the minimum hire period?
Our units are available for short and long term hire, with a 24 hour minimum hire period.
A weekend hire rate covers Friday night drop off - Monday morning pick up. We can arrange pick up Sunday if required, please specify what your requirements are.

Do you offer long term hire?
We are very happy to arrange long term rental of our Units, with weekly and monthly rates available. Rates can be found via our booking page or please contact via phone or email with any questions

What power supply do I need for the coolroom?
All coolrooms plug into a standard 3-pin, 10 amp domestic power point. No special power supply is required to run the Unit, just a normal power point. Allow approx’ 1 hour for your coolroom unit to cool.

Are the Coolrooms noisy when running?
No, the coolrooms are very quiet. You can hardly hear them when they are operating, and you will not hear them during your party or function. You will be pleasantly surprised with how quiet they are.

Are the coolrooms delivered?
Yes, we deliver our units direct to your address. We set up everything for you, so there's nothing for you to do. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Payment Methods:
Deposit Payable at time of booking.

Hire Charges can be paid by:
Cash – on delivery/pick up
Credit Card – At time of booking/in advance of delivery

Are the coolrooms fitted with internal lights?
Yes. All of our units are fitted with internal lights.

How much space does the mobile coolroom need?
When choosing the specific coolroom for your needs, please consider any clearance restrictions. Do you have sufficient height, length or width to accommodate the coolroom? Are there any gateways, trees or roofs that the coolroom needs to clear? Please see the Our Coolrooms page for sizes and Coolroom Dimensions.

Where can a mobile coolroom be stored?
Flat, level, solid ground is the best terrain for setting up the mobile coolroom. Acceptable vehicle access must also be considered. Also, ensure a standard 3-pin power point is within 20 meters or so of your chosen site.

Are my products or goods insured for loss or damage?
No, you must provide your own insurance for loss or damage to your goods. Although, our coolroom doors can be securely locked, and the trailer unit is wheel clamped with a draw bar lock installed, so your goods are extremely safe.

Do I have to clean the cool room after I hire it?
All of our units are washed and sanitized after every hire so that they are ready for your immediate use. On completion of your hire, all contents and any rubbish must be removed from the unit and it needs to be clean and in good repair ready for pickup.

What areas do you deliver to?
We deliver our mobile coolroom units across all Melbourne. Please email ([email protected]) or call (0418 373 829) for further information.

Please see map shown below.

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For any enquiries, please contact us on 0418 373 829 or